The cheat's guide to opening a cafe in 3 months

People often dream of opening their own café, but they work full time (often in a job they loathe) and they feel their dream is always out of reach, it takes a long time to plan, organise and fit out a café. All true, unless of course you skip a few steps along the way.

If you know how, rest assured you can have your café up and running in 3 months – or less! The trick is to get going. You can make wholesale changes to the business as you go along, using cashflow for changes to fit out, furniture, uniforms and the like. What is important now is to have an operational café that can start making you money.

Here is a list of hacks that can help you implement your dream of opening a café in a much shorter timeframe;

  • Stay in your job and save your leave. This way you have an income to continue supporting yourself whilst your savings and other finance goes into setting up your café
  • Check with local business brokers if there are any existing...
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The top 3 reasons why you should open a cafe

You’re still in the job you hate. The years roll on by and you’re still there even though every year you promise yourself this is the year you’re going to make a break for it and leave. So why do you stay? For most people the answer is simple, they don’t know what else to do. They’ve spent years working in a profession that they are qualified for and they’re not sure what else they could turn their hand to.

If this sounds like you, have you ever thought about opening a café? If you’re keen to leave the corporate world far behind but you’re not sure what your next move should be, here are the top 3 reasons you may want to consider opening a café; 

  1. Create and build an asset

Perhaps the greatest benefit of opening a café is you are not only creating yourself a job, you are creating a future asset that if managed correctly, will grow over time. Most small business owners reap the main financial rewards when they...

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