The 5 steps to opening a successful cafe


At some time in our careers, we all usually reach the point where we question what we’re doing and if we’re really happy. It’s not unusual that during this time of self-reflection, people decide to make a change. Often that change involves making the leap from employee to employer, opening their own business. For many Australians, a café is their choice of business, with an annual growth rate of 7%pa and a country fixed with coffee, cafes in Australia are booming.


Owning a café has always been one of those dream jobs that people wonder about. The appeal is understandable; The freedom of being your own boss, building an asset to secure your financial future and working in an engaging non corporate environment. Like any small business, running a café is not rocket science, anyone can do it, some are just more successful than others.


As food consultants we are asked all the time about how you open a successful café. So...

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